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Jewelry Care and Cleaning

Clean gemstone jewelry with a soft dry or very damp cloth after wearing. Rubbing gently to remove fingerprints and to shine the gemstones and silver. Occasionally clean with warm soapy water, especially if you notice dirt or oils on the gemstones. Dry jewelry thoroughly with a clean soft towel. If you use jewelry cleaner make sure it is safe for gemstones. If the silver is tarnished, you may rub the silver findings with a silver cloth, DO NOT get silver cleaning paste on the gemstones themselves.

Protect your jewelry from chemicals such as perfume, hair spray, non acid-free paper, pool and sea water, household cleansers, chlorine, and moisture.

Avoid wearing your jewelry to bed or during heavy exercise. Sweat and perspiration will cause a film to develop faster than normal wear, dulling the color and shine.

Almost all of the metal used in our jewelry designs is (.925) sterling silver. To prevent tarnishing, do not place items containing sterling silver directly in paper, cardboard, or cotton filled boxes. For best results, items should be stored in a zip lock bag when not in use away from high heat and bright light.

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